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For 31 years, RBR Machine Tools in Darien, IL has represented a full line of CNC Machine Tools. Grinding, Turning, Milling, or Drilling; whatever your need may be, we have the right machine tool for you.

  • 31 years of CNC Machine Tools sales experience.
  • We supply distinguished manufacturers with unique, dependable solutions.
  • We Specialize in large capacity, high precision machine tools with the latest technologies.
  • 50 years of hands-on engineering, service, and support experience.
  • Over a quarter of a billion dollars of successful machine tool installations.
  • RBR Machine tools has the personnel, the products, and experience to keep you competitive and profitable. 

But why should you work with RBR Machine Tools?

We do not have a big showroom or millions of dollars tied up in inventory.  Nor do we have a army of salesmen to beat down your door.

While most other dealers focus on pushing whatever they have in stock,  we use our 50 years of experince with CNC Machine Tool Technology to help guide our customers to the best Machine Tool for the application.

We do have a modest office at which we conduct sales, support, and service . This office also serves as the home of the CncGcoder®, the world's most productive CNC programming tool.

Our operation's low overhead allows us to pass on substantial savings on Machine Tools by leading World Class builders.

Our commitment is to insure our customers receive everything you can reasonably expect... and then some.

Customer testimonials  
Camco Products

"Your accomplishment pretty special and one you can be very proud of. The legacy you are creating is quite remarkable. I know your company has much to offer and we would be foolish to not take advantage of those opportunities." Caterpillar Joliet

"finding someone with all the Experience and knowledge you have is rare! I value and will use your efforts to help guide me through this project of creating a recommendation method for young engineers at caterpillar to use when trying to select which type of machine tool will best fit their process. " Caterpillar Peoria

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